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Dear Vera,

I’ve spent the last 24 hours reflecting on the events of last night, especially when sitting down ;) and I’ve realized that you opened a door for me to walk through that I was blind too. When I look in the mirror I see someone more confident and at peace than ever before. I spent most of the day channeling this positive energy into chores and activities that I generally put off, funneling my creativity and stepping back onto the path that I must walk to live completely. While this seems like a great deal of accomplishment as a prize from just one 3 hour session, I believe it to be the culmination of layers of ego centered bullshit that was stripped from me by your firm hand, wicked smile and imperial eyes combined with the motherly re-centering of your lap and sensual energy transferring that you used in order to help me regain balance and invigorate my desires.

I told you at the end of the session that I only wanted to see you. I must reiterate that I don’t want anyone else’s hand spanking my ass or anyone else’s eye’s looking deeply into mine while I struggle for air. I have very creative idea’s for what’s next and I can’t wait to share them with you. You have proven yourself intuitively capable at stripping away the ethereality of the fantasies I conjure up and molding them into a performance outside the realm of my imagination.

Thank you!


Thank u Miss V for an amazing time!

You really brought the scene together.   All I can say is wow.   You left me mesmerized, craving and wanting more.   The hypnosis was awesome.  Helped me relax, set the stage, and got my mind where it needed to be.   I totally got off on the piggie play... Not sure why the thought of being taken advantage of is sooo arousing.  Also visually watching myself jack off all dressed up sucking cock was spell bounding.   Loved being bent over.  You had me begging and squealing something fierce.  Find myself getting hard thinking about it.
Your slapping was hot too.    And the humiliation brought me to a new low.   The way you smiled while talking enhanced it greatly. 

You're breathtakingly beautiful.   Could stare into your eyes all day, enjoying your conversation, wit and charm. Cannot wait to plan next scene.   Wow sooo much fun planning the scene this way.  Can see myself getting addicted to you deeply and needing your therapy often.   Now if i can just hit the lotto!



Thank you so much for the wonderful time last night.  I still have a couple of welts and a big bruise, and my nipples are so sensitive I can almost still feel the sting of those clamps!  

I'm up and already hard at work, a little punishment was just what I needed!  I'm a confident, hard working man, and I will be worthy of being in your presence again soon.  I'm intelligent and proactive, and those twinges of pain from last nights bruises will keep me working hard.

I'm looking forward to suffering for you and groveling at your feet again soon!













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